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General Information about Rose School

Greetings all,

This is my first post in this blog, it is a pleasure for me to provide useful information for you as much as I can.

To start with, I think the scope of MEEES program should be presented at first. This post is going to provide you with some (quite general) information about those aspects.

What is MEEES?
MEEES programme is an Erasmus Mundus Masters Programme aiming at specialization in the field of Earthquake Engineering and/or Engineering Seismology.

Programmes in MEEES?
  • Earthquake Engineering (EE): When graduated, aims at maintaining an ability of undertaking seismic design of new structures and seismic assessment of existing structures.
  • Engineering Seismology (ES): When graduated, aims at designing, executing, and evaluating seismic hazard assessments of seismic hazard for site specific engineering projects.
  • Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology: Combination of EE and ES.
Durations of the programmes?
  • EE: 12 months of coursework (18 months in terms of scholarship)*
  • ES: 12 months of coursework (18 months in terms of scholarship)*
  • EE and ES: 18 months of coursework*
* Generally, students prefer to concentrate on their thesis works after finishing course work since workload of courses are quite demanding and usually do not provide anyspare time for individual thesis works. Therefore, programmes are not likely to finish in specified durations above, it would be good to add 6-9 months of thesis durations to them.

Institutions in MEEES Programme?
* Although University of Pavia is included in the programme, all EE and ES courses are offered by Rose School. It is possible to carry out thesis with a supervisor who is a professor at UNIPV.

How Does MEEES Work?

Applicants to MEEES programme are asked to select two different institutions for Fall and Spring semesters, main rules are:

  • Applicant should select Rose School for either Fall or Spring Semestre,
  • Applicant should select institutions making sure that they are not located at the country where (s)he is from
* 2nd rule is not official I guess, but as far as I know it is desired (and I don't know what is the situation if the applicant is Italian :) )

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